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“A Piece of Paradise” (1991) Colored: 2017

A life disrupted. A sucker for illusions, trying to piece his life back together. Bad pun, huh?

When drawing “A Piece of Paradise,” (as well as “Passing Time”) I used real jigsaw puzzle pieces. I traced their outline in pencil, then inked them in. I love jigsaw puzzles! The man atop the floating puzzle piece, also appears in the image “Hullabaloo.” “A Piece of Paradise” first appeared in Miles Russell’s 1992, “Nonsports Illustrated” produced trading card set, titled “Dactyls.” The following narrative, written by Miles Russell, appeared on the back of this card: “His unrestrained quest for personal satisfaction left him empty, alone, puzzled and longing for happiness.” - RM

"A Piece of Paradise" is available for purchase.

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