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“Breakaway II” (1991) Colored: 2017

As I mentioned in the “Re-entry II” narrative, “Breakaway II” follows the same theme...breaking  lines. The original “Breakaway” (1977) has the same archaeopteryx that is seen here, but instead of the Dactyl wildlife biologists chasing it, there is a panther. Much better outcome for the archaeopteryx had the biologists captured the bird, instead of it being dinner for the panther! For those of you pulling for the escape of the archaeopteryx, rest assured, as it does indeed find freedom in both versions. However, with that freedom, it now must find it’s another dimension. “Breakaway II appeared in Miles Russell’s 1992, “Nonsports Illustrated” produced trading card set, titled “Dactyls.” Miles Russell wrote the following narrative for the back of this card: “Breathlessly poised among the dense broad leaves, the team waited for the right moment to capture their winged friend. Dactyl study of nature requires patience and good fortune -- not rewarded this day.” - RM

"BREAKAWAY II" is available for purchase.

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