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“Divers” (1991) Colored: 2017

By the time I did this drawing, the Dactyls were an established part of the family. In this image, they are engaged in an activity that I have performed myself...abalone diving. What you see here is exactly as we did it. The anchored float, the fins, the abalone bar (right hand of deepest Dactyl) and the only thing missing are the snorkel and mask. Dactyls have no need for snorkels and masks...they are well adapted to the underwater world. I’ve never been able to hold my breath for as long as a Dactyl can! “Divers” (originally titled “Sea of Sustenance”) first appeared in Miles Russell’s 1992, “Nonsports Illustrated” produced trading card set, titled “Dactyls.” The following narrative, written by Miles Russell, appeared on the back of this card: “Precious bounty from the sea, the abalone mollusk will sustain the Dactyls explorers for a time.”

"DIVERS" is available for purchase.

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