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Welcome greeting from Rodney Marchetti

Hello from Humboldt County, California. It’s been a long, long journey these last few years, and I’d like to share with you some updates from along the way. 

As some of you may know, in 1975 I had the very first of my images printed, marking a turning point for me as an artist. Over the next 20 years, the environments and characters that have become central in my artwork (deserts, dactyls, rock-people…) emerged through the many drawings I created.

After some early unsuccessful attempts to add color to my black and white designs, I finally made some progress in 2015 and have since added color to 40 images. Using Prisma Color pencils, I was able to add a new dimension and feeling to designs originally created with black (or red) pen on paper.  These finished pieces of art are the culmination of many years of experimentation and exploration, and I am proud to share them with you now. 

In addition, I have made a selection of my artwork available through an online store for people to purchase and share. For this first release, I have made 10 different images available for purchase in the following products: Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, Greeting Cards, Ceramic Mugs, and Tote Bags. Please visit our online store at for more information.

From time to time over the next year, I would like to share with you updates and announcements regarding planned special events, and the new release of artwork available through my website. We will be releasing a second set of 10 images for purchase and it would be great to let you know when they go online. In addition, I'm working on making prints of my black and white images available as well, and will be sure to share them with you when they are up on the  website.

Please enjoy exploring these online galleries, and feel free to share them with your friends.  I look forward to updating you as new art is completed and news of a gallery show is added to my calendar. 


Rodney Marchetti

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